Screamz Haunted Experience

SCREAMZ Haunted Experience is located on what was once a working family farm in the heart of Hoboken, Georgia. In 2018 it was turned into SCREAMZ Haunted Experience which now includes a Haunted Museum, Haunted Forest and Haunted Field. All three attractions are included in the cost of your ticket.

The SCREAMZ Haunted Museum is located inside the main house that is well over 100 years old. This “real” haunted house was home to many generations of the same family. Inside the SCREAMZ Museum is displayed a large collection of items that are claimed to be haunted, possessed or simply unexplainable. These oddities are nestled among many of our retired props and costumes. Photo opportunities are available and encouraged. (no flash photography or video please).

The outdoor attraction at SCREAMZ Haunted Experience begins in our Haunted Forest. The forest was overtaken many years ago by a cursed band of hobos that robbed a circus train in the small town of Hoboken, Georgia. Their leader HOBO Ken used the forest to hide all of his stolen treasures to keep the locals from finding him and his band of thieves. The curse of the Hobo’s had a very strange and unsettling effect on the stolen treasures. Many of the items come to life and seek revenge against anyone that dares to walk the forest trails. As you cautiously navigate the winding pathways of the Forest be sure and keep an eye out for HOBO Ken aka Mr. SCREAMZ. Hobo Ken and his cursed band of thieves protect the forest and vow death to all that enter. Many will enter the Haunted Forest….but few will leave unscathed.

As soon as you enter the Haunted Field you will soon find out that all is not well here. What once was a family garden has turned into a field of nightmares. Personal Possessions, memories and loved ones were left in the field to rot and decay among the brush and bramble. The curse of this place is very strong here and attracts strange and unusual activity. You never know what you will encounter or what is around the next bend in the trail. Things are never what they seem to be. Be careful or you may become part of the field forever.

Also coming in 2023, our Valentines and St Patricks events will be combining for one super scary show that includes the best of both holidays and much more.  Dates and ticket prices will be announced at a later time.  Please watch this site as well as facebook and our web page for other special events.

Beginning in October 2023 SCREAMZ will offer a family friendly no scare matinee.  The matinee will offer a lower ticket price per person and will be open for one hour each night before the show.   Please check our website and facebook page for more details later in the year. 


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4902 Main Street East
Hoboken, GA 31542